The Tunnel

Flash bang, darkness, twenty four frames
Subliminal messages bombard brain

Dark-hot delirium no way out
The pain you feel in floods and gouts

Horror, horror, in the dark
No outline just its static sparks

Mag rails chugging, rattle cry
Within this tunnel mankind died

Daylight, far off, nuclear fire
Wash us clean, end our desire

Wasteland, struggle, monoliths
Mankind’s wreckage and piled up shit

Cockroach, hardy, beetle brow
Feeds upon the land crafts prow

Rolling, rolling, moving homes
Mankind builds on mankind’s bones

Born and screaming, orange sun
A cry that echoes back to one

Stone age, rust age, folded in
Once more are we one shade of skin

Giant beasties killed for pelts
Survival instincts never quelled

Free and roaring on the rock
Humanity 2 it takes its stock

Build’s its first house, castles, land
Countries, boarders tall it stands

Power, water, gas and pipes
Back comes broadcast filled with tripe

Film roll, cameras, boarding shuttle
Again the train goes in the tunnel