Reckless and blindness
The chaos inclines
Stupid and howling
Lies piled upon lives

Anti-semitic, Anti-islamic
Anti-fascist, Antichrist
Anti-oh fuck this who cares?
We’re all blights

Christian a holocaust on
Hebrews so true
and then Muslims in Middle east
bombed to shit by us two

Yahweh oh God Allah
Ripping out throats
Labelling dominance with
faith makeup no doubts

People, just people
The evil and sick
Empowered we’ll kill
us all, victory shits!

Dress it in worship
Dress it in gold
Dress it in skin
Greed’s blood running cold

Look at us “Murder”
We’re evil and bent
If the devil is real
Then we were hell sent

Dirty our skirt is
Smeared with blood sweat and cum
Gunpowder residue
Fuck in the fields and we’re done

Peel back that portrait
That family of four
Holding your diploma
Now look past that door

Darkness is howling
A mountain of sin
Back through the ages
The sin of past kin

We smile and we smile
And we smile and we cry
Our nightmares a legacy
Seen through ancestors eyes

Victims and victors and villains
And pests
Suckling the babies blood flows
From our breasts

See him kill climbing
Your past father felled him;
Or raped her; or stole that;
Sick smiling his grin

Product we packaged and
Cleaned up like dolls
Plastic encasing us
Inside the bell tolls

Savage inside you
Savage inside
You can’t really smother it
Poorly it hides

Drink some it’s stirring
In bedroom set free
On sports fields it bleeds from you
Trembling with glee

The monster of industry
(The monster I see)
The monster that tamed us,
Nothing, scaled next to we

Blood pulsing skeletons
Strangled with veins
Grinning Perpetua
An instant from pain

Falling to pieces
Falling to bits
Aging and breaking
Destruction our fix

More dead now than living
Packed into the ground
That earth quake, that rumble
You know that fell sound

It’s grandma and granddad
To some power of great
The conqueror savages
Warriors and slaves

One hundred billion
Not in heaven but ground
Savage dead muscles
On corpses resound

At powers tectonic
They want to break free
Earth shaking bone fingers
Wagging at we

Remember, remember,
Remember our spawn
Distilled down you living
Inherit our scorn

We’re gone and we’re living
Dead and breathing, it’s true
Seven thousand five hundred
Souls dwell in you

Sum total of savageness
Sum total of lost
You are the pay off
The reward for this cost

Make us proud Last Word
It all rests on you
The full stop is falling
If only you knew

The story books brimming
Our child’s the last line
At the end of the fable
“The End”, ends the rhyme

Pressure of bodies
Pressure of past
Pressure and will of all
Vents at the last

Ripping foundations
Our forebears spill out
New blood feeds the vanquished
The Savage It Shouts


Political Particle of People

I’m pontificating the rise of AfD and other shit.
Here starteth the lesson this might seem a little harsh, but sometimes the masses do very stupid things, that can be viewed from either extreme of the spectrum, people like I are stupid to the right for voting Corbyn, Hillary, liberal or social; they are stupid to the left for voting May, trump, greed, or Brexit (even though labour are 66% of the brexit voters). Vox populi isn’t always the correct will or government action to take. I guarantee that a land that decided every single policy by will of the people would crumble and burn. What our governments get up to on a day to day basis, be it labour or tory, republican, democrat…. what they have done in the past, bringing all of these things into the light would destroy them all. We sit in comfortable homes on Samsung galaxy ipad phones, getting wound up by inane dribble, gossip, name calling, how much of an arsehole-monster or mewing-sycophant that or this leader is, and we let that destroy them and us, our lands. We are walking in a world of lies and troll media, designed to make all peoples mad so no one knows what’s going on, and what is worse than this, those driving the confusion are the only winners, people selling papers and click bait, big companies shaking a hive of wasps and pouring them on a hive of bees to sell more wasp and bee propaganda, clickbait or outrage porn. The more the Liberal minded nay say and try and suppress the right, the stronger it will become, you will never crush it, and on the flip side the more alt-right tread on you or me they will never crush us… our fate is eternal in this respect until a liberal can sit down and talk with an alt right without it turning into a slagging, screeching, mocking or ignoring match from either party, otherwise… look forward to a long and unhappy working relationship that will echo down the ages forever and ever. None of you will win this battle for the human soul, not without genocide, not until the last antifa and white brotherhood warriors have died plunging daggers into each other’s hearts, because we are both fighting for control at the end of the day and no one wants to be controlled.

If you’re LAB/LIBERAL go and talk to a TORY today
If you’re TORY get out and talk to a LAB/LIBERAL

Get your heads out of your fucking arses and echo chambers, because you will both destroy the world. Don’t be afraid of the enemy, don’t be coward, get up to them face to face and have a word they can hear, not behind their backs, in an internet court of nodding hyenas. You are accomplishing literally nothing in the yes men committees you wallow in.

NEUTRONS make up ~50% of the universes matter
Without them elements become unstable isotopes
It is terribly important for them to exist

Humanity is becoming an unstable isotope,
It will decay unless more Neutrons are added,
Half proton,
Half electron,
Not meaningless,
But vital for true stability.

Can you imagine how ridiculous a war of protons and neutrons would be?
Haha, it’s too ridiculous to contemplate.
So why are you trying to destroy your counterpart?
Your other half?
Your opposite charge?
You would fall apart without it.

Like maybe it’s just everything heading towards a higher state of entropy ya know maan?



Flails did arc

nine toothed tongues

pissed the blood

like tortures urine

up into the fire hot sky


heavy wasting droplets

splatter muted-limp

on heavy Hawthorne planks

steaming salty iron

silhouettes skyward


crackerous snap and thud

shock skin fizzing deaf







Salazak falls forever


On the tip of dust

in the most obscure negligible iota

Obscured by normality

there is a spark

the whisper of one at least

subtle vibrations

trifling in noise

undetectable in din

lost in a crowd of stars

buried among the grey bodies

where it is,

“of little consequence”

where it could be,

oh where it could be

my word

what in creation would it do?

Give In

Give in, give in

the cry of them all

Give in give in

Indulge in the fall


Give in, give in

no prize in the cold

Give in, give in

rewards in the fold


Give in, give in

the trappings of cage

Give in, give in

play your part on the stage


I give in

FREGON & selit



on high siren lulling warm

slow nausea of a woolly world




water silk sinking slender

sedation quilted lethargy




whisper feather fair weather

sliding slip south so softly



balnium bath oil aroma


Punched through soldiers

spilling into gap

so much like mince

through a grinder


wilful order force

does that dark distance mind

will all, to ruin

figuratively clean


unscathed, untouched, unfeeling

‘Dormin’ at the back

terrifying horizon speck

willing all to die

until only you win

Don’t tell us

Don’t tell us it’s hopeless

That our land is a wreak


Don’t tell us we’re worthless

we’re people by-heck


Don’t tell us we’re scallies

we’ll rally and cry


Don’t tell us our fate

is to buy stuff and die


Don’t tell us our children

are worth less than yours


Don’t tell us ‘glass ceilings’

when they’re stood upon floors