The Reign of Rain

Come down in buckets
Oh come down in spades
Come down so heavy
As to burst all the drains

Brim it and break it
Show us the storm
Soak every construct
Remove all that’s warm

Flood all the rivers
And wreck all the homes
Soak deep the flesh
‘til the damp reach the bone

Fall down like comets
Bombard all the glass
“To flatten the humans Rain!”
That is your task

Feed all the plants full
Then feed them some more
Drown all the rooted
Death as they engorge

Thunder from thumping
Rain drops like bombs
Flush gods out of heaven
Both fathers and sons

Thor is dead, Odin’s dead
Vishnu and Christ
God in all three forms
He falls from the sky

Smashed upon pavement
And pummeled by swarm
The downpour dismembers them
Bullets of storm

The skies colours running
The canvas it tears
Wallpaper horizons
Peel off, smother prayers

The ocean is drowning
Salt water too deep
The heavens fell torrent
Has put them to sleep

Everest and K2
The mountains slip down
Sinking the peaks
Into murky the brown

The child reaches father
The rain reaches clouds
Floating atop first
Then filtering down

Swelling our water Earth
‘Rain’ it’s new name
A soup made of everything
Smothered in pain

It’s not about precipitation
No, not anymore
This titan bubble, muddy centre
Has declared a war

“To swallow up more bodies”
Planet Rain’s resolve
Venus swallowed, Mars engulfed
It’s hunger is not solved

Neptune and Uranus
Dissolved in acid maw
The bubbling planet Rain
One giant rolling jaw

Sink Jupiter & Saturn
So murky now Rain’s hue
Near blackened sludge of everything
An all-consuming glue

Every trifle swallowed
Our solar system gone
That is of course sans Rain itself
And the stalwart Sun

Rain a star of water
Hardened dirty ice
Sun a star of fire
Plasma spewing light

Two conkers on two shoe strings
Two spheres locked eyes in space
Could one defeat the other?
Or could they just be mates?

We’d never know the answer
For long past was our doom
And planet Rain is just a dream
Invented in monsoon


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