Unknown the calling

Unknown the rest

Unknown the answers

Unknown in the test

Unknown the wrong way

Unknown the right

Unknown the hour

Unknown day or night

Unknown is my way

Unknown is yours

Unknown is the monster

Behind unknown doors

Unknowable is it

If it is unknown

Not known is the value

In pie squared unknown

Unknowing you know it

This thing is Unknown

Unknown the location

Within unknown zone

Out go the light bulbs

The reason unknown

Changing are values

For reasons unknown

Unknown is the future

Unknown is the past

Unknown is the water

In unknown filled glass

Unknown is the middle

Unknown any part

Unknown is the meaning

In unknown works of art

Unknowable nothing

Unknowable all

Unknown time falling

In chasm unknown

Unknowable Unknowable

Unknowable Unknown

Universal unknowingness

Will descend upon us all.


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