Magpies magpies

In the nest

Crows with white waistcoats

On their breasts


Magpies chirping

Magpies squawk

Magpies bickering

Absent thought


Silly magpies

Building nests

From gold and silver

For their Eggs


Magpies swooping

Magpies dive

They take your rings

and trinkets high


Tinfoil, brochures,

magz and gloves

Magpies hate

the tasteless Doves


Magpies seeing

Things that shine

Overwrites their

Magpie minds


Glitter, flitter,

Snatch and coo

The reason for this

Not one knew



‘Just the way we are”

The magpies love

With frantic hearts


Jet and pearl

And filled with hunger

Magpies sweating

For their youngers


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