Dagvik’s Ship

Tilting the Longship

Did creak on the waves

Long beard bedraggled

he needed no slaves

One soul alone

Under ratty broke sail

Rowing pig headed

To destiny fail

Stormy was maelstrom

Concussive was air

The wreck that was floating

Dead king on his chair

Distant were others

The ships crewed in twos,

The Cruisers with twenty,

Life rings from them flew

The shipless and lonesome

The drowning and failed

Were saved from fell waters

So on mankind sailed

One captain (an old friend)

On trawler did sigh

To Dagviks doomed bucket

Erupted his cry

“Dagvik, you ninny

You fool, you old goat!

Forsake that rotting

and leaking old boat!

The others are safe here,

you could be too!

Abandon that spluttering

bobbing old shoe!”

Dagvik stopped heaving

and stood up on deck

The battered old half raft

Near sank from slight heft

He rose up two fingers

And one thumb in three

An open pinched gesture

To friend, foe and free

Lightning exploded

The sky rumbled low

And shouted old Dagvik

quite angrily “NO!”


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