The Microscope (Mad Scientist)

Get in line for
knocking down
Not meek this beast
above the ground

To walk like ant
on gentle leaves
This bug’s a titan
to the fleas

Weak? Seems feeble?
Secret King!
No power held
on it by things

Fuck your orders
Shit your laws
No matter
Multitude of claws

Against the grain
Against the flow
But don’t be scared
This thing’s your bro

Stand aside
If you can’t think
Psycho pulpits
Weak minds sink

Glory, battle, honour,
Blood in boiling
Terror Bath

Angled chin
and sunken eyes
Creepy sick
With thunder thighs

Gobble flobble
Slaps own face
It’s self-inflicted
Bearings straight

All can hear it
None can see
Two plus two
It makes a three

Four? Yes true
Thy Zenith cry
Yet three is in there
Next is five

Tunnel vision mission fleas
Dim wit villains hating threes
Blind to one and blind to all
Constituent bias is their drawl

See the pieces
Not the cake
Toss and turn for
Christ-fucks sake

Sleep less more
Depart the stage
Real free men
Don’t crave the chains

Real free women
Same for you
and all between
You need no glue

Fall to pieces
Fall to pile
Stacks and stacks
Of broken smiles

Smiley faces
Question marks
Feel for objects
In cold dark

Numb dead fingers
Quaking hearts
The cold will bite us all
Just Start

Hold your nasal
Take the plunge
Unearth the earthly
Have strange fun

Burst the cherry
with sharp teeth
The freshest meat
Is just beneath

The wounding questions
Are the best
Unravelled string
Makes all best mess

Hurt the concept
Break the lie
Why do you tremble?
Is that fear in your eyes?


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