Restless Night

Dead of night
Static cold skin
Restless thrumming
of mind on bed

Walking, fast pacing
Slow trot to fresh yard
Awful stoic energy
Pulsating at core

Sixty hertz cycling
1080p Screens
All day rattling grey matter
Now unaccustomed to bliss

Futile chills on impervious
Bare skin in the sick pollution
Radiant, so horrid, humming
Suck another burnt seasoning

Poison dear for poison
The exquisite complement
To this nauseous night
Tastes like this wretched sky

Despise this lightening stage
Rue thee failing never born night
Milk purple-brown lingerer
Avert your anaemic sagging glower

Tourniquet the false tomb
Traverse the laminate tunnel
Scale the faux shag edifice
Prop upon the slothen slab

Frozen robot uncanny valley
Dead lifeless stare
Artificial pitch whines high
Distant roars of more “things”

Body genocides always
Aggressing aberrant cells
Adlib this shit on my phone
Remain pickled in the hiss


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