Predators Pray

It seems like the done matter
To beat your ape chest
To howl as a wolf pack
and believe you’re the best
Aggressive old defence
Mark your boarders with knives
The cost is a pittance
Just other cunts lives
Rolling and balling
your calling so smug
You think you’re don Corleone’s
But the truth is ‘Dumb Thugs’
Slobbering dullards
Cackling rats
Witless walk knucklers
Thick fickle twats
“Ooh ooh aah aah”
What’s that you ape speak?
You think I’m a target?
Hunched shoulders and weak?
Oh my sweet beasties
My gay savannah fauna
You are the big game animals
I’ll mount your heads upon the corner
Listen you phylum
Lower than man
Listen you microbes
Found in Mars sand
Your swarming and storming
Won’t save you from graves
Your roaring and squalling
Just noise, foolish-brave
I’m mankind stood upright
You’re all apes with a hunch
I’ll shoot you and run you down
For a trophy, for fun!
Hand to hand combat?
Fuck that I’m not dumb
Often bigger the muscles
On bones of the scum
…and even if not so
If you’re as weak as me
I stand as one person
Your numbers are three
But bring it in triplicate
Hell bring it in fives
Shriek your dicks bigger
I’ll just pull two knives
Jump in the middle
and twirl right around
I’d maim a fair few of you
Before I kiss the sweet ground
I don’t respect human life
Not when it’s like you
I wouldn’t split hairs
If your family knew
How much you spluttered
How much you cried
How you contorted
The moment you died
How you gushed like a torrent
Of tasty red blood
How the shit in your knickers
Was as brown as the mud
LOL this is funny
The discomfort you display
At this relish of suffering
Bed in I do lay
Maybe that’s the message
Maybe that’s the hook
To make you see the monster you are
When you’re a cruel and bullying fuck!


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