One more great rattle
One last great sigh
The moment the bombs hit?
That moment is nigh

Run to your honey
Hold your child close
All the bigger the meat pile
To bring to the roast

Day moment dead of night
Then we’ll be free
No more will we suffer
Or scrape on our knees

In nineteen forty-five
The middle of July
The key to our ascension
Lit rising sun sky

The years in between
Were to stock ammunition
Suicide mankind prepares
For it’s mission

“Yes sir commander
Affirmative Boss
on the 16th of something
Our mother load drops

Our war will be over
Our troops will go home
To families of shadows
and blackened burned bones

To craters and white noise
To silent dead streets
To skeletal cities
So haunting and bleak

Christ what a horror
Allah what a mess
But the way we were going
It was probably for the best


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