No Matter What

Crude is the oil not the water we swim
Light never reaches deep depths of the skin

Slick winds so thicker than rivers of air
Slow to a trundle then stop dead and stare

Opaque blinded vision beholds all around
In dark no distinguishing friends foe or ground

Differences withered
The rich, poor and weak
The left, right and righteous
The old young elite.

Black, Asian, White men
Native import
Or women, all religions
take seats in this Schwarz

Say that or maybe
you stand all alone
You can’t see what’s out
in the pitch that you drown

Alone in the silence
or united in shade
It’s a Schrödinger question
The relevance drains

Wade for a few steps
Scoop with your palms
Keep struggling onwards
In fury or calm

Struggle oh struggle
and swallow that black
Make the oil bubble
Raise a fever, fight back!

Seethe will you mountain
Of mankind in jar
Burn off the sludge of this
Smothering tar

Strike your own temples
Concussive delight
Make your brain misfire
and show you false light

A memory phantom
A seizure
So what?
Seeing these stars
Puts the halt to a stop

The memory spectres
These dreams in your mind
It’s a light that the physical
Monster can’t hide

Hold it and mould it

Keep fighting soldier
‘til you tear at the seams
You’re not on your death bed
It’s not what it seems
Fight you flesh titan
Of gurney pull free

Rip out your stiches from straining just roar!
Swap this black cold dead for red hot and more

Come back as a ruin, as a wreck, but alive!
Too far the journey travelled thus to end in
Silent night

To see it smothered, cold and weak
The human races’ race ain’t run
Another course of you beseeched
To see this battle won

Keep fighting!


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