Solitary Specter

I am the ghost that walks your town
A faceless no one lost in crowds

Your voices roar a grating din
Your young and fit, I’m old and thin

You sniff, you drink, you that that coke
I’m all alone the butt of jokes

The cobbles wet and ringed with black
My shoulders hunched I fear attack

Fat ones, thin ones, gay and straight
Exclusive groups of roakus mates

I see you, you don’t see me
Near loving pair, the invisible three

At the bar I’m tall but blind
To barmaid and barman’s tired eyes

The music’s nice there is no doubt
But hard enjoyed when singled out

The silent voice of leering eyes
The few that see me they despise

I float away and take my glass
The doorman’s blind as I walk past

Through the throng of bumbling bodies
Their roaring laughs, their spats so sordid

I shade into a quiet alley
Raise my glass and take a tally

One more night without a friend
My going out saga is at an end.


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