Mar 01st B

Saint, are you there? Demon, are you here? A ringing silence in man’s ear. Am I mad, or sane, or dumb, or smart, or weak, or even strong? “I don’t know”, and “We shall see”, I parrot these and take route three. I will make it that is sure, but blinded fish can’t see the lure. Every hook in rainbow tree, ripped it’s insides gill to knee. Swallow this and swallow that, razor knives like claws of cat. Bloody ruin born from treats, what’s good is bad, vice versa beats. Slough is bad and not for money, it’s bad because you think it’s funny. Laugh and laugh, engorge yourself, roar with laughter, wreck your health. Die and smile a rigors grin, venom spittle dried on chin. Carpel tunnels in your hands, the laugh out louds are at an end.

The hand outside the paper feeds the chicks inside the page with coloured ink. The eye sees the shades are brilliant, but the clean pages below are ruined. Tomorrow, our descendants dyed.  



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