Feb 20th

Two days after the incident.
In summary: Incident brought on by catastrophic imbibing of ale for brother bears twenty ninth birthday celebration. Resurrected old therapy sealed demons in frustrated rage-blind animosity. Felt as if new heat kilned skin of stability was weakened by ethanol liquid, then shattered and ignited by the polarized chisel of humanities eternal Newtonic cycle. The demon is the enemy of ‘the monster’, but the monster is only fed by the demons fury.

Better to seal the demon than feed the monster, the demon is boundless but despite his protests NOT immortal. The monster has a greater claim to the eternal on a human time scale, yet it too will fall with the next imperial collapse (ever millennia or so). Tie up the demon, starve the monster.

Eyes outside the paper see the hand holding the book being written by the pencil on the pages. The eyes outside the parchment can never more be made lead again. Beware for the had can crush the Eyes.


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