Black Door

I’m in front of it

I’ve been moving towards it forever.

This bastard door

Oh god this damned horrid alcove.

I couldn’t see it

In the shadows such as it is.

Intersecting at intervals




They went through

“Never me, no not me, Impossible!”

But here I stand

Before this bastard on crooked hinges.

It’s unlocked

Why couldn’t it be barred & bolted?


Why me?

I was sure I didn’t belong here

So sure…

But I am here.


I am here, and I could walk back,

True, true enough

But I didn’t belong in the others,

The other doors

They wouldn’t have me


Or maybe I would not have them.


It’s just another colour, isn’t it?

It’s just…

A different colour

Not worse

Not better, just different


Perhaps not

Only one,

One way to work that out.


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