Adril the Elf

Gott in himmel, damn and blast

The wheels of mind spin so damn fast


One thought, two thoughts, ten thoughts, five

A bloody mystery how I survive


Pick one up and put down eight

This spreading fungus brain I hate


Concentration? I’ve got that

I’ve got fucking twenty (and that’s a fact)


What is this and what is that?

How does this work? A fact attack!


Spinning, spinning, plates so quick,

When no dust settles it makes you sick


Someone stop me I beg you please



Sorry lol I’m quite befuddled

I get my id & ego muddled


Leave me alone and help me please

That friend you once did know ‘Old Cheese’


Is dying fast but also slow

The story ends or not at all


I’ll live forever (or get in a fight),

I can’t hurt myself (due to the fright)

But I’ll wind you up rotten (that I’ll get right)

Prodding and poking and being a blight

I’ll fuck you off rotten no matter your height


C’mon Commie-Nazis

I’m starting a war!

To kill the immortal

Put me in the floor.


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