Moshing, Raving, Living

Let’s get cocky, Let’s get loud

Our droning thrum will change the crowd!

Wake up sleepers, smash the ice

To hell with tepid chilled advice!

Be bleeding stupid, dribbling, dim

Loose your self near bass of tin!

What’s the point in being alive,

If you can’t roar and sing with life?

Quote the lyrics, nod the drone,

Smash that pillocks raised up phone!

Live up the moment, don’t look down,

Allow yourself in this to drown!

Welcome to the lighting pit,

Dilated pupils drink of it,

C’mon you bastards, shed manic tears,

Quench your sorrows with friends and beers!

Be a human not a tool,

Break your walls you stunning fool!

“Chill out man, and say not much”

“Don’t tempt me with your boring crutch!”

Feel your heart thud through your eyes,

Cast off your preconception lies,

A happy soul in mosh pit dies,

Or at the rave where souls do rise!

Ramshackle your withering tackle,

And cackle like the African Jackal.


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