Bitter Soliloquy I.

What is pain but joy deprived? 

The service lips a poor supply.

 Cookie cutter saccharine lies, 

Just shallows in your gorgeous eyes. 

Off the cuff is out of fair

“Don’t be weird just bland and fair”.

 I’d rather die a thousand deaths,

 and smash my head till I’m bereft, 

of sense and logic, sight and sound,

an endless pain above the ground,

no more limbs and no more hands, 

be dragged across sharp granite lands, 

be fed to tigers and kept alive…

Than swallow one more FUCKING LIE! 

You’re lying, you’re smiling, 

you’re false and thin, 

and the seeds you have sown

will do you in!

Keep on smiling, 

it’s fun to pretend, 

but removed from your theatres 

 you’re all ME in the end!


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