The Great Monster

Above the earth and below the sky,
It sees us hungry a thousand eyes.

Veins of rubber, copper, wires,
All mankind’s knowledge it desires,

A billion colours on its skin,
Flashing, grating, drawing-in.

Blind and spreading like cancer grows
The people love it, but it’s our foe.

It wants our arms but not our minds,
Rips out our brains and throws aside.

It’s feet are chains of mighty pillars,
Exploited workforce on painkillers.

It’s voice is ours but acted out
Through tiny speakers all about.

You feed yourselves but also that,
Dependent children make it fat.

Some men rich upon it sit,
Deluded imps (to it they’re ticks).

Beasts have order monsters not,
It’s boundless hunger cannot stop.

Stop to think where does it go?
Your paper, coins, and revenue flow?

“It doesn’t matter I bought my thing!”
Bragging, clutching shiny bling.

How many things could have bought land?
A place to make a brave last stand.

The monster makes us more like it,
we’re greedy-blind except for shit.

It’s headless form does hold no brain,
It’s not alive and feels no pain.

It grows and spreads a virus titan,
Rewrites truth to make us frightened.

All mankind’s factions on this earth,
All compass bearings, breeds and births

Blindly follow what it says
Because it feeds us day by day.

Man was here before it swelled,
This omni-kraken built in hell.

You look, don’t see, but it is there.
To see the monster leaves you bare.

Absent minded on you looks,
then tells to them, to you to stop.

“We fear the voice that’s out of step.
Different voices must be threats!”.

On and on its echoes go,
Through us its voice is always thrown.

The sane a crazy Sudden-Think!,
Monsters teachings minds they sink.

Its heart beats on mechanic drones,
All light and dark it makes its own,
The fiction-facts blurred in its zone,
Flashing behemoth let us go!

We built it and placed it with pride in our hall,
Back in the age when its body was small,
But please heed the warning, please heed the call.
“Soon the great monster will swallow us all”.



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