Petty name calls behind the back,

The gossip engines heart is black.

Sow the seeds of discontent,

Say it’s thick or weird or bent.

Use your age to force your will,

Off young and weak your powers filled.

There’s even room for the naive,

As what you say they will believe.

But you can’t handle things your size,

So you must harm them with your lies.

Your throng of thralls will swallow it,

When fed alone and bit by bit.

Be wary who you mark for war,

You picked a rival, made it soar.

The plan you made had one assumption,

“They are weak and have no gumption”

Please be careful, please believe,

Your victims keep an ace up sleeve,

Not one of gossip fear and lies,

What is this thing is in disguise.

Life’s too short to play these games,

What kind of monster feeds off pain?


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